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What We Do?

Digital Products

CodesDirect makes it possible to buy gift cards, (calling) credit, prepaid credit cards and games online.

We create webshops that specialise in the sale of digital products. Whether you want to buy something for yourself or for someone else, through our webshops you can buy a gift card or prepaid credit product at any time, anywhere in the world.

We support various payment methods and offer a wide range of digital products through various partners, for all products we are an certified reseller.

Why people use CodesDirect?

Quick, safe & secure

CodesDirect offers products from over 100 brands in our stores. We offer a wide range of possibilities to buy online giftcards, digital prepaid credit and more.

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A growing selection of digital products

New products are added regularly. We're the go-to place when it comes to buying (prepaid) credit, games or gift cards online.

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E-commerce technology that is state-of-the-art

Our stores are tailored to the local customs and are optimized for the ultimate shopping experience. Our stores are quick, secure and user-friendly.

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There are several safe payment methods

Our customer decides how they pay and even when they pay with our wide-range of payment methods. From debit to credit.

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Fraud detection technology

Safety for our customers is utterly important, therefore we implemented cutting-edge technology to prevent fraud from happening on our platforms.

Our Stores

Trusted By Many Customers Every Month

Every month we process orders from more than 100,000 customers via our e-Commerce soltuions

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Payment Methods

Secure Online Payment

Online Payment Protection And Fraud Prevention


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